It’s different. It’s fun. It’s weird.

Is this configuration better than a regular bike?

Currently? No. But it has some characteristics that could make it smaller. That could make it simpler. That could make it cheaper. That could make it modular.

Isn't that a penny farthing?

Both the penny farthing and the bellcycle are front wheel driven. Most versions of the penny farthing were not geared and hence had large wheels. The bellcycle has a few unique features which make it easier to ride than a penny farthing. See Here.

Does it hurt your shoulders riding with the handlebars behind you?

You can either have the handlebars in front of you or behind. Either way, we haven’t found shoulder pain to be higher than on a regular bicycle.

Is it easy to ride?

It’s not the same as riding a regular bike and most people will take at least 15 mins of practice before they feel comfortable and a few hours before they are riding in traffic.

Is this a polished consumer device ready for my upcoming triathlon?

No. This is a kit you have to build yourself. It’s not rocket science, but you have to be the kind of person who wants to assemble your own bike.

Why not sell an assembled bellcycle or a more "normal" construction but with the same configuration?

Because it’s an experimental bicycle we wanted to sell this version to the kinds of experimental people who are willing try new things and are willing to overlook a few bumps along the way.

Will I be able to build it?

Do you have a socket set, an allen wrench set, or a set of woodworking clamps? Have you used these items before in a project that took you more than 1 hour to finish? If you answered Yes to both of these questions, then you are good.